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The [No. 1] Best IDE for Web Development In [2022]: Tested

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An IDE is the most vital element of any kind of development as it can help a developer to do more in the same amount of time in which he can do much less without an IDE. Making the right decision about choosing an IDE for a particular type of development is also a difficult question. It is difficult for some beginners to know which is the best IDE for web development and they learn about it after making some mistakes.

Also, I’ll discuss everything that is necessary for the reader to understand this article carefully. I want you to follow along till the end of this article carefully in order to get to know about it in detail.

1. Understanding An IDE

1.1 What is an IDE?

An IDE, also known as Integrated Development Environment, is a specially designed and developed environment for the developers which assists them while they are writing their codes. So, In short, we can summarize it in simple words that an IDE is a source code editor which can assist the developer while writing code for anything that could help him/her save time.

1.2 How an IDE can assist a developer?

An IDE can assist the developer by showing various suggestions to the developer whenever he is writing some code and at the appropriate suggestion the developer can simply press a Tab button and it would implement the whole code by itself following that suggestion.

Also in an IDE, the source code is edited in a way that everything is differentiated by the use of different colors so that it would be easy for a developer to quickly find a particular method, function or class, etc.

2. Which is the best IDE for web development?

2.1 VScode | Best IDE for web development

VScode is also such a powerful IDE that allows the developer to take maximum assistance from it. One can also Install various extensions in it for various programming languages and it is also known for its fast speed and reliability as compared to the other IDEs that are available today in the market.

VScode supports almost every type of development because one can use it for mobile app development as well as web development, etc. So once you have used VScode and worked over it for some time then trust me you are not going to leave it.

So, In short, VScode is an IDE that can assist a developer in many ways in almost any kind of development and it supports hundreds of programming languages on which one can work.

2.2 Features of VScode | Best IDE for Web Development

1. All-Rounder

You can set up for almost any kind of development work no matter if it is mobile app development or web development. One can simply install it and set up its development environment according to their respective development work.

2. the Best choice for web developers

Here it is worth mentioning that VScode is the best and the most favorite IDE of the web developers community, especially for web development. It has made web development easy for the developer’s community by solving a lot of issues and hurdles that caused a lot of time for the developers in the past.

3. Time-saving

It is true that VScode can help developers save a lot of time to complete their development work and to be more specific it can help you save even more time than any other IDE.

4. Extensions support

It allows its users to install different extensions that are related to your development work and they can greatly assist you in your work. You can find any type of extension directly from VScode simply by searching with the appropriate keyword in the extensions tab and from there you can install it.

5. Reliable, efficient, and offers high performance

It is known for its reliability, efficiency, and high performance with much less use of resources that help it to work in any type of device with even optimal hardware installed in it.

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2.3 How to download & install VScode and set up its development environment?

You can install and set up VScode by following this step-by-step guide given below.

  1. First of all, you can download VScode from here for Windows, Mac, or Linux, on whichever platform you are on, and choose your respective architecture also.
  2. Secondly, you have to install VScode and once you are done with it you can set up your IDE now in the way it is best suitable for you. For example, you can set up its theme exactly as you want it, you can set up prefix highlighting, and also chose color tones for your code.
  3. VScode supports hundreds of programming languages, for some of them it offers built-in support e.g. HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript but for others, you can download an extension and install it. It would work the same with any of the languages. For example, the dart is a programming language for which VScode has no built-in support and we can download an extension for it and it would work perfectly for it.
  4. In order to install any extension, just open your VScode and in the left panel click on the 4th tab which is for extensions where you can search for an extension by typing its name and then you can choose it and install it. For example in the case of the dart, you’ll simply type Dart in it, and then you can choose the extension from the search and install it.
  5. If you want to create a new project in it, you can simply do it by minimizing the VScode and going inside the folder where you want to keep your project. At that location simply create a new folder and name it with the name which you want to give it for your project. Simply right-click on that folder and choose open with VScode. Once you do that you have just created a new project and then you can start creating files where you can write your code.
  6. These files will also be stored in the same directory by the same name which you give to them inside VScode. You can create a file by moving your arrow to the left explorer panel where you’ll find the same folder name which you have set earlier and once you move your arrow over it, you’ll find some new options on its right side and click the first +sign. Give it the name in accordance with the language you are working on i.e. you can write index.html and hit enter. After that, it’ll automatically open an HTML document where you can write your code.

3. How to choose the best IDE for any kind of development?

It is a very important question for which people often get confused and fail to take a proper decision. So, first of all, I would like to tell you that we can work on VScode for almost any kind of development as it supports hundreds of programming languages. It is also considered a web developer’s favorite choice for development and it comes at first place in the list of IDE’s.

But if you wish to use any other IDE for example eclipse or Jet Brains IntelliJ IDEA community version which is also very famous for Java programming language or Jet Brains IntelliJ ATOM is best for PHP. You can find more such data very easily from google by just searching for the best IDE for any type of development you wish to work on.

Still, I’d recommend you to look into VScode first of all because it is the best of all and full of functionalities and if you have different types of work to do e.g. for native Android App development and Native IOS App development you can simply search about it on Google and you’ll find the best answer. Also, I’d like to say that first of all look for the official IDE for any type of development that you wish to work on. e.g. the official IDE for native android app development is Android Studio and for native IOS app development is XCode.

4. Conclusion

After covering all the aspects that are necessary for answering our main question Which is the best IDE for web development, it has enabled the readers to understand what is the importance of an IDE in any type of development and which is the best IDE for web development.

The purpose of discussing all the relative concepts is to provide a proper understanding for enabling the learners to know by themselves which is the best IDE for any type of development.

Also, let me know in the comment section what do you think about the stuff that I’ve discussed in this article?

The [No. 1] Best IDE for Web Development In [2022]: Tested
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The [No. 1] Best IDE for Web Development In [2022]: Tested
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