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What is Java used for? | 8 Most Practical And Economical Uses

what is java used for

Before we dive deep into our main topic What is java used for and how to learn it, let’s have a brief introduction of it first. Java is a programming language that first appeared in 1995 and it is now about 26 years old. Java has been the pioneer language in development because of its speed and efficiency since its arrival. Still, it is being used for a lot of purposes in which no other language is even a close match to Java.

Also, I’ll explain everything that is necessary for the readers to understand this article completely. I want you to follow along till the end of this article carefully in order to get to know about it in detail.

1. Understanding Java Programming Language

1.1 What is Java?

Java was previously owned and first introduced by sun microsystems. But later sun microsystems was acquired by oracle corporation which is its current owner. Java is a high-level class-based object-oriented programming language in which every object is dealt with as an object.

The best thing about it is that it can be run on any platform no matter if it is windows or mac because it is converted into bytecode which is then readable by JVM(Java Virtual Machine).

All that you have to do is simply install the JVM on your machine and run the code. Also, it is more reliable, fast, and efficient than any other high-level programming language.

1.2 Importance of Java programming language today in the development sector

Java is a programming language that has remained the best programming language of all time for more than a decade. In today’s world, a lot of advancements are made in the development industry and many other programming languages are evolved and are popular for their unique functionality.

Still, Java is the most preferred language by developers for certain purposes, especially for large-scale enterprise-level application development and Native Android App Development.

Java Developers are high in demand even today because most large companies still rely on Java, especially for their enterprise-level applications. So, it doesn’t mean at all that learning Java would be of no use in 2022 rather if you learn it and master it completely you can get hired for a nice job.

2. What is Java used for today?

There are the following top-notch uses of Java programming language today in 2021:

i. Mobile App Development

This is the best of all uses of Java Programming language today as it is used for developing native Android applications and it is also the official language for android development by Google. Apps like Spotify and Twitter are developed using Java programming language.

There is also another programming language that is known as “Kotlin”, which is now also the official programming language for android app development along with Java and more and more people are shifting from Java to Kotlin because of its much easy syntax.

ii. Desktop Applications

Full-fledged desktop applications can be developed using Java programming language. AWT(Abstract Window Toolkit) which includes all the classes for creating graphics is greatly used to develop GUI(graphical user interface) of desktop apps.

Javafx is another software platform that is used to develop desktop applications and web applications that can be run on almost any platform.

Swing is another GUI widget toolkit for Java that is used to build GUI for different programs. It was actually developed to give a better set of GUI components than AWT.

iii. Web-based applications

Java is also used to develop web-based applications. The best examples of web-based applications that are built using Java are Linked In and Ali Express. So it means that you can make really powerful and secure web-based applications using Java.

iv. Game Development

Java is used for game development because of its very famous and powerful 3d game development engine which is best for designing 3D games. LibGDX is a cross-platform Java game development engine that is built on OpenGL which is a Java library for rendering 2D and 3D graphics.

One can use LibGDX and OpenGL for developing powerful desktop and mobile games.

v. Dealing with big data

Java is used for dealing with big data by developing applications for managing big data easily and it is also a preferred programming language for dealing with big data.

Also, one of the most prominent tools for dealing with big data that is known as the Hadoop HDFS platform is also written in the Java programming language.

vi. Cloud-based applications

Java programming language is used for developing cloud-based applications that are stored on cloud storage rather than hosting it on a local server.

Java can be used for developing Saas(software as a service), Laas(location as a service), and Paas(platform as a service) applications.

vii. IoT Applications

IoT(Internet of things) applications are also being developed by Java programming language. These types of applications fulfill the purpose of connecting the devices to their networks and communicating with them. They are used in all small devices e.g. smartphones, health gear, wearables, TVs, etc.

viii. Enterprise applications

This is what Java programming language is used for decades. Developing efficient and big enterprise applications is something for which Java is still preferred over other programming languages.

Its frameworks like Spring, Spring Boot, and Hibernate are also greatly in use for developing big enterprise applications. Where hibernate is used to efficiently and conveniently interact with relational type databases.

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3. How long does it take to learn the Java programming language?

In order to know the time duration for learning any kind of development then it depends on some factors and as well as on the individual himself. These factors are all discussed below:

  1. The interest of the learner.
  2. Prior development experience can play a key role in determining the learning time.
  3. Commitment towards a decision.
  4. Devotion towards your work.
  5. Scheduling your whole day for better time management.

The actual time that it can cost

If you are a beginner and you have no previous programming experience and you believe that you have all of the above-discussed factors in you, then it can cost you around 4-5 months if you give it proper timing.

But if you have previous programming experience and you know a lot about another programming language then you can learn it in around 3 months. This time is not only for learning it but also you can master in this time if you practice hard.

4. Best sources for learning Java programming language

Here, I’m going to share with you the top sources for learning not only Java but also any other type of language and I also use these sources personally for learning any type of IT-related courses.

i. YouTube

YouTube is no doubt the best online learning platform. It enables people to learn about almost everything free of cost. You can easily find content on YouTube for every field of work. I’ve myself learned Native Android App Development from YouTube through a 15 hours long course.

You may not be able to find advanced-level courses on YouTube but still, you can easily find foundational-level courses on it.

ii. Udemy

This is the most vital source for learning any kind of development or IT-related courses. This source is the best source for you if you can spend some money on buying courses and you can get a certificate after completing the course and you’ll mostly find advanced level courses on it.

iii. freecoursesite.com

You can find free versions of the paid Udemy courses free and most of them are even updated courses. I am also attaching the link for you to download the best course and you can access it here. This course covers most of the things that I’ve discussed above and once you are done with it you can easily search for the missing things over the same sources.

6. Conclusion

Before choosing any programming language it is more important to understand and know what are our requirements for which we are going to use any programming language. You can learn Java if you want to build large and complex enterprise-level applications or if you want to step into Game development for mobile and desktop.

But if you want to learn a language for web development then you should take a look at JavaScript which is the most popular language in the world today for web development and it is even a good choice for game development as well.

The purpose of discussing all the related concepts is to provide you with a proper understanding of the Java programming language.

Also, let me know in the comment section what do you think about all the stuff that I’ve discussed here in this article?

What is Java used for? | 8 Most Practical And Economical Uses
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What is Java used for? | 8 Most Practical And Economical Uses
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