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What is Firebase Database? | 9 Least-Known Features of Firebase

what is firebase database

Before getting in-depth on our main topic that what is firebase database, it is more important to have a brief introduction about firebase. It is a misconception among people that they call firebase a database but actually it is not exactly what they call it. Traditionally, the real-time database was known as Firebase. But now it refers to the entire suite of services that include Firestore, RTDB(Real-time database), File storage, authentication, etc. It is owned by Google.

Also, I’ll explain everything that is required by the reader to understand this article properly. I want you to follow along till the end of this article carefully in order to get to know about it in detail.

1. Understanding Firebase

Following are some of the basic concepts that will help you understand better what is firebase database:

1.1 What are NoSQL databases?

NoSQL databases are those which do not have a relational type of database management system nor do they have a predefined structure like an RDBMS. So, Having no predefined schema(structure of the database that defines how the data will be organized in it) makes it perfect for storing a large amount of data. It is very useful for bigger stores and companies for example Facebook, Instagram, and Google store terabytes of user data per day.

The term NoSQL means ‘not only SQL’. It simply means that data in a NoSQL database won’t be stored only one way like SQL databases but in many other forms also. Because it doesn’t have a predefined schema for storing and organizing data. MongoDB is the best example of a NoSQL database that should be quoted here.

1.2 What is cloud storage?

In simple words, cloud storage is a service in which the service provider has some virtual servers where data of different users are stored on the internet via webservers. This data is accessible from anywhere and from any device the user just has to provide his account username and password and he can easily access their data from any device and use it.

Also, cloud storage allows its users to not only access its data from anywhere and on any device but also interact with it in any way and various functions could also be performed. The companies that are offering cloud services are still on the road to increasing the size of their server to keep on facilitating their users with the cloud services they offer. Also, the best example of cloud storage that should be quoted here is the Google Cloud Storage service.

2. What is Firebase?

2.1 Firebase Explained

Firebase is not only a database but is a feature-rich platform for mobile app development. According to Google. “firebase is Google’s mobile application development platform that helps you build, improve and grow your app”. In the time during which an application is being developed, there are a lot of things on which a developer has to work. It not only costs them a lot of time but also a lot of hard work and still it is difficult for beginners to do it.

So, most of the necessary tools that help an app to work properly and grow are provided by firebase which is developed by Google. There is a lot of stuff that is included in firebase but here in this article, we’ll go for a basic understanding of it only.

Google also says that “firebase helps you build and run successful apps” so, if we summarize it in simple words we can say that firebase is a platform for mobile apps development that provides all the necessary tools to build, improve, and grow apps efficiently and also helps the developers to save a lot of time.

It allows the developer to add advanced functionalities to his app without spending any extra hours or days as one can add such functionalities via Firebase.

2.2 What are the main features of firebase?

There are a lot of unique features that are provided by firebase and I’m going to discuss them one by one below:

  1. Firebase has its own backend development infrastructure that helps the developers to accelerate their mobile app development and also they can complete their project in much less time.
  2. Once you have properly developed your app using firebase then you can not only release the app with confidence but also you can monitor the app’s performance about its working. It’ll automatically help you grow your app by knowing the weaknesses in the app and correcting them.
  3. It also extends support for google analytics and one can completely analyze the usage of their app e.g. who are the users of their app and what actions they are taking, again and again, the app, will not only help you understand the user behavior but also you can make necessary improvements very easily.
  4. Another most important feature of it is its extended support for machine learning which can help the developers to have a better understanding of future user behavior.
  5. We can also run experiments on various creative ideas that could pop up in your mind related to your app and you can analyze the user behavior about those ideas.
  6. In most apps, user authentication is an issue that is faced by users in many apps, and this is also efficiently managed by firebase. It makes it easy for the users to sign in or log in from almost any device. Also, the developer can have a better understanding of users’ authentication and their behavior with regard to it.
  7. Thanks to firebase, it made it easy for us to send automated push notifications across any platform to gain more user attention towards our app.
  8. In the success story of every app or website or even a business, it is the stability in its revenue that plays a vital role in its growth, and Google firebase also allows us to analyze various elements and factors that could help it stabilize in its revenue and performance.
  9. Google firebase is equipped with another advanced feature that helps us to send automated and contextual messages within the app to the users that are active in our app and are using it more than others to encourage them and tell them about some other features through which they can get the benefit.

2.3 What are the uses of firebase?

Firebase is actually used for mobile app development and it is actually a complete back-end solution for mobile application development. Also, one can create a completely efficient web application by using firebase and its unique features. Its efficiency has made it well known for its job and now most of the apps are being built using firebase.

2.4 How much can firebase cost you?

Google Firebase offers most of the services for free at the beginning with some limitations which are enough for an app to work and grow in the beginning but later on when the app is growing and getting successful then it could start costing you some amount of money but by that time you are capable for paying the cost easily as the app would be generating some revenue. So, one can easily choose its free plan and start working with it.

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3. Conclusion

Firebase is a very hot topic among the developer community these days and also more and more beginners are interested to know about it in detail. As you have read this article carefully, you now have a proper understanding of what is firebase along with its main features and uses.

The purpose of sharing in-depth information about Firebase within this article is to empower the readers to have a complete understanding of it.

Also, let me know in the comment section what do you think about the stuff that I have discussed here?

What is Firebase Database? | 9 Least-Known Features of Firebase
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What is Firebase Database? | 9 Least-Known Features of Firebase
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