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What is a Feature Article? | The Ultimate Guide [2022]

what is a feature article

Before we dive deep into our main topic What is a feature article, it is important for us to have a brief introduction to a Featured Article. Article writing is a form of content writing and it is done either online or in newspapers, magazines, etc. A feature article is a form of article writing in which the author is informing the masses about a certain topic and it is not related to the news.

Also, I’ll try to explain everything that is necessary for the readers to understand this article completely. I want you to follow along till the end of this article carefully in order to get to know about it in detail.

1. Understanding A Feature Article

1.1 What is a Feature Article?

The feature article is basically a persuasive text that expresses an opinion of the author about something and it informs the reader about a subject other than reporting news about a subject. It is a special article and it is written on a specific topic by a specific person, usually by an expert.

Featured writing is also at its peak nowadays because of an increased interest of the readers in reading featured articles and they are enjoyed by readers in the same way as an ordinary article is but as in the case of ordinary article writing a great skill is required to write a featured article in the right way.

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2. How is featured writing different from ordinary article writing?

i. Both share the same structure

Featured writing and article writing both share the same structure pattern in the form of head, body, and tail. In simple words, the same pattern is followed in writing a featured article which is followed for writing an ordinary article.

ii. Graphics are included in both

The use of graphics is the same in both featured writing and article writing and its use increases the value of the article and makes an article eye-catching.

iii. Ordinary article writing is a factual write-up

Ordinary article writing is a factual write-up that makes you think in detail while reading such an article and the thinking process along with reading makes it more understandable and easily readable.

While reading a featured article it makes the reader’s mind full with it and it is totally the expression of the writer which is true to his feelings.

Featured writing includes the expert view of the writer from the best of his knowledge and it is usually written by an expert in a specific field or by such a person who has prior expert knowledge about a certain topic before writing an article over that topic.

Featured writing is written in short paragraphs and lengthy paragraphs are generally avoided in it in order to increase its readability and understandability.

vii. Feature writing includes facts and opinions

In featured writing, facts are shared about a topic and expert opinions are also shared by the writer about that topic from the best of his knowledge and understanding,

It generally provides a view from a perspective or an angle about an issue which means that a view of the writer in a certain perspective or from a certain angle is shared in featured writing.

3. Conclusion

Both Featured Article writing and ordinary article writing are great in their own ways. Both of them require good skills to write a good article. It is such a skill that even you know all about it on day one still you cannot write it well unless you have earned good experience in article writing over some period of time.

Also, the purpose of discussing all the relative concepts is to provide the readers with a proper understanding of a feature article.

Let me know in the comment section what do you think about all the stuff that I’ve discussed in this article?

What is a Feature Article? | The Ultimate Guide [2022]
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What is a Feature Article? | The Ultimate Guide [2022]
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