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PostgreSQL Vs SQLite: 10 Key Differences To Make Right Choice

postgresql vs sqlite

Before differentiating PostgreSQL Vs SQLite, it is more important for us to have a brief introduction to both databases. SQLite is a relational type data management system that is mostly used in mobile app development and it is not a client-server type database. On the other hand, PostgreSQL is the most advanced relational database management system and it is also considered fast in terms of its write speed.

Also, I’ll explain everything that is necessary for you to understand the difference between PostgreSQL and SQLite. I want you to follow along till the end of this article carefully in order to get to know about it in detail.

1. Understanding PostgreSQL Vs SQLite

1.1 What is a database?

In simple words, the database is an organized system for storing data in a structured and systematic form electronically either online or offline it is controlled by a DBMS and it mostly uses SQL for writing and querying data.

1.2 What is a DBMS?

A DBMS is also known as Database Management System which is software for storing the data in a database and retrieving it. A DBMS allows users to create as many databases as they wish to according to their requirements. Inside a DBMS there are certain programs that handle or control the database in various ways and make it easy for the user to access it.

1.3 What is SQL?

SQL is also known as Structured Query Language, which is used in a DBMS for storing and querying or managing data. It is used in the relational type of database management systems and it is also a standard language for such types of databases. The best example of RDBMS which is most widely used today is MySql.

1.4 What are Relational Databases?

Relational databases are the type of databases in which there is a relational system between data that is stored accordingly. They are usually in the form of tables i.e. columns and rows. Each column represents attributes and each row represents some record whereas each field in the table stores some data value.

SQL(Structured Query Language) is used in RDBMS as a standard and it is used to insert, update, remove, and search the data.

So, SQL databases are those that use SQL as a querying language for storing and managing the data.

1.5 What are NoSQL Databases?

NoSQL databases are those types of databases that do not have a relational type of databases management system nor do they have a predefined structure like an RDBMS. So, Having no predefined schema(structure of the database that defines how the data will be organized in it) makes it perfect for storing a large amount of data. It is very useful for bigger stores and companies for example Facebook, Instagram, and Google store terabytes of user data per day.

1.6 What is PostgreSQL?

PostgreSQL is also an open-source relational database management system for storing data. It is written in C programming languages and it is developed by Michael Stonebraker in 1986. PostgreSQL is also cross-platform and it works for almost any type of platform.

It uses SQL(Structured Query Language) which is a standard language for relational types of databases. It is loved by its community and also it is in use by many large companies.

1.7 What is SQLite?

SQLite is a relational type data management system that is mostly used in mobile app development and it is not a client-server type database. Rather it is fixed or enrooted into the end program or application. It works with the offline working apps only which store the data offline in this type of database that works within the application. It could also be called an offline database.

SQLite is written in C programming language and it is embedded within the program one can also use conventional querying with it using SQL(Structured Query Language).

2. What is the differences between both of these databases / PostgreSQL Vs SQLite?

PostgreSQL Vs SQLite


  • PostgreSQL is liberally licensed and is owned by its community. It was developed by Michael Stonebraker in 1986.
  • It is an object-relational database management system.
  • For performing some common operations, PostgreSQL is not as fast as SQLite is.
  • PostgresSQL is written in the C programming language.
  • It implements a client-server model and it requires a server to run.
  • PostgreSQL uses multiple data types along with some special types of data types. It also allows the users to create their own custom data types.
  • It is much better at handling concurrency in comparison to other relational database management systems.
  • PostgreSQL is an advanced database management system and it has much more features than the SQLite database.
  • In terms of security, PostgreSQL is much more secure than SQLite database.
  • There are 4 types of Joins supported by PostgreSQL. Namely, they are Inner, Left, Right, and Full Outer Join.


  • SQLite is an open-source database created by D. Richard Hipp in 2000.
  • SQLite is a purely relational database management system.
  • In terms of performing common operations, SQLite is almost 10 times faster than PostgreSQL.
  • It is also written in the C programming language.
  • It is an offline database. Meaning thereby, it is an embedded DBMS and it doesn’t require a server to run rather it runs within the application.
  • SQLite uses only 5 types of data types i.e. NULL, BLOB, INTEGER, TEXT, AND REAL.
  • It is also good at handling concurrency than other embedded DBMS. But it is not as good as other client/server Relational database management systems are.
  • SQLite is a simple DBMS and it has some basic features only.
  • SQLite database comes with only a few security features that make it less secure.
  • It supports Join functionality but Right and Full Outer Join are not supported in SQLite.

3. Which is the right choice for you / PostgreSQL Vs SQLite?

It is not easy for us to choose the right option from these two databases after going through the above discussion. One can use SQLite for an application that involves simple functionality or operations and if that application is going to be an offline application that needs the data to be stored within it.

On the other hand, if you are working on an application that is not an offline application, it involves complex functionality and operations, then you should definitely go for PostgreSQL.

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4. Conclusion

This article takes the readers from the very basic concepts like what are databases to the comprehensive definitions of the PostgreSQL database and SQLite database along with a detailed comparison between them. Now that you have read the article carefully, it is now an easy job for you to make the right choice out of these two.

The purpose of discussing all the related concepts is to provide you with a proper understanding of the PostgreSQL and SQLite databases.

Also, let me know in the comment section what do you think about the stuff that I have discussed here?

PostgreSQL Vs SQLite: 10 Key Differences To Make Right Choice
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PostgreSQL Vs SQLite: 10 Key Differences To Make Right Choice
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