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What is Native Mobile App Development? | The Ultimate Guide

Native Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development has evolved into a huge development industry and more and more apps are being produced day by day. Also, both the approaches of app development i.e. Native Mobile App Development and Cross-platform mobile app development are greatly being used in this process as both these types of approaches have their own pros and cons.

It is important for us to understand and know in detail about both types of approaches to mobile app development before starting our career as app developers. Here we are going to explore the Native Mobile App Development approach in detail. I want you to follow along till the end of this article carefully in order to get to know about it in detail.

1. What is Mobile App Development actually?

1.1 Defining in simple words

Mobile App Development is a kind of development within the development industry in which different types of mobile apps are developed using different technologies i.e. there are different mobile app development frameworks available today in the industry like Flutter with the help of which one can easily develop mobile applications.

If you want to know in detail about the best framework for Mobile Apps then you can read another article of mine about it here.

1.2 Types of Mobile App Development

There are the following main types of Mobile App Development:

  1. Native App Development
  2. Cross-Platform App Development

2. What is Native Mobile App Development?

2.1 Defining Native Mobile App Development in simple words

Native apps are those type of apps that are developed for a particular platform only and are developed using the official Integrated Development Environment(IDE) which support specific languages i.e. Java and Kotlin are the supported languages for Android Studio which is an official IDE for the development of android applications.

Another example is IOS app development which is developed using Objective-C and Swift programming languages. The official IDE for IOS application development is XCode which could only be run on the Mac OS and not on any other Operating System.

2.2 When should we choose Native Mobile App Development?

If we have any idea or a project for the development of an application then we must know which type of mobile application development approach should we choose for our app to function properly. For this purpose in order to choose Native app development, we must keep the following points into our consideration.

2.2.1 Points to consider for Opting Native Mobile App Development:

  • The very first thing to consider for Native apps development would be the security and reliability of the app.This is because in native app development we use core programming language for integrating functions properly to our app. Also, the official IDE and the supported languages make better communication between the hardware of the phone and the various functionalities of app. That’s why a native application developed with Android Studio or XCode would be more secure because it is built using core programming functions of the respective language and also for its better compliance with only one platform.
  • An app built using a native approach would always be regarded for better optimum performance because it is built using a single programming language with its core programming concepts and inside an official IDE which allows the app to use the processing speed of the hardware to its fullest potential because it is built to communicate with only one platform and thus the load time would also be much less and optimized.
  • Another important aspect that should be discussed here is the UI/UX design of the app which is also much better in the case of native apps because they are built to comply with only one platform so they easily maintain an aspect ratio to maintain a good quality visual experience and also, they have better control over the size, orientation and resolution.
  • one of the drawbacks of this type of app development approach is that it is very time taking and costly and the reason behind this is that working on core programming functions would take a lot of time because of their complexity and developing an app on two separate platforms e.g. on android and IOS would take a lot of time if built separately.

3. Conclusion

The purpose of discussing in detail the native mobile app development with you is to empower you with enough knowledge So, that you can easily make a decision that if you should choose the Native Mobile Application Development approach or not.

So, if you have carefully read the article and understood it completely, it is now much easier for you to make the right decision.

Also, let me know in the comment section what you think about it and what is your choice?

What is Native Mobile App Development? | The Ultimate Guide
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What is Native Mobile App Development? | The Ultimate Guide
Completely Understand what is Native Mobile App Development and Learn 4 Points to consider for opting Native Mobile App Development in [2022]
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