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Mobile App Development | The Ultimate Guide [2022]

mobile app development

The mobile app development is the process of compilation of an idea, choosing the appropriate platform and the type of content for the app i.e. static or dynamic, adding different features based on the idea, working on 3d animations if any, making backend connections to databases. Once the app is completely developed it is submitted to any of the app stores based on the platform for which it is developed.

Mobile App Development process

1. What are different types of mobile app development?

Mobile App Development types

There are three types of mobile app development:

  1. Native app development
  2. Cross-platform app development
  3. Hybrid app development

1)     Native App Development

Mobile Apps that are developed using the official languages and IDE for any specific platform i.e. Kotlin and Android Studio for Android Apps and Swift and XCode for IOS apps. Such apps are specifically developed for a single platform only.

You can learn about it in detail here.

2)     Cross-platform mobile app development

Mobile Apps that can run on both platforms i.e. Android and IOS and are developed using a single code base are known as Cross-platform mobile apps. Examples of cross platform mobile app development framework include Flutter, React Native, Xamarin, etc.

3)     Hybrid App Development

Mobile apps that are developed using any of the hybrid app development frameworks i.e., Ionic and Apache Cordova are known as hybrid apps. It requires basic web development knowledge about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build Hybrid Apps.

2. What programming language is used for mobile app development?

There are the following programming languages that are used for mobile app development:

No.Programming LanguagesPlatforms
1Objective-C and SwiftIOS and Mac OS
2Java and KotlinAndroid
3Python library = KivyBoth Android and IOS
4Python library = BeeWareAndroid
5DartBoth Android and IOS
6JavaScriptBoth Android and IOS
7C/C++, JavaAndroid Games Development
8C#Both Android and IOS

3. What are different mobile app development frameworks?

There are the following three popular mobile app development frameworks:

NoNameProgramming LanguageType
3React NativeJavaScript library ReactJsCross-platform
4IonicHTML, CSS, JavaScriptHybrid
5Apache CordovaHTML. CSS, JavaScriptHybrid

4. Can I use Python for mobile apps?

Yes! We can develop cross-platform as well as native android apps using Python libraries Kivy, and BeeWare. If you want to know in detail about developing mobile apps using Python you can read another detailed article of mine here.

5. How do I start as a mobile app developer?

One can start his career as a mobile app developer via the following steps:

  1. Choose one Native platform or a cross-platform mobile app development framework.
  2. Learn to develop mobile apps using that platform. YouTube or Udemy could be great sources for learning it.
  3. After learning and gaining proficient knowledge in app development build 4 creative apps for practicing your skills and for displaying them on your portfolio.
  4. You can start app development as a freelancer via different freelancing sites or by building a portfolio of your own.
  5. Keep patience and keep practicing as it takes time to start and succeed in any career.

6. Can one person create an app?

Yes!  One person can definitely create or build an app if he is proficient in all the mobile app development skills (i.e., both front-end and back-end development) required to create an app. But if there is such an app that requires skills that a single person doesn’t have then it is obviously very difficult to build an app alone.

7. What skills are needed for mobile app developer?

There are the following skills needed for a mobile app developer:

  1. Creative thinking
  2. Problem solving
  3. Front-end development
  4. Back-end development
  5. Communication skills

1) Creative thinking

A mobile app developer should have a creative mind or creative thinking skills in order to deploy a creative design in an app and come up with different creative ideas for mobile app development.

2) Problem solving

A mobile app developer should must be good at problem solving i.e., understanding the idea delivered by the client and adding the appropriate features to the app.

3) Front-end Development

Front-end mobile app development is all what we see in an app and to what we can interact with and a beautiful GUI is what makes an app stand out in the crowd.

4) Back-end Development

Back-end mobile app development is everything that happens at the back-end when a user interacts with the app i.e., communication and response of the app with the database connections.

5) Communication skills

A mobile app developer should must have good communication skills in order to effectively, and successfully communicate with the client and efficiently understand his idea of an app.

8. How can I build an app?

One can build an app by following this process:

  1. Generate and Compile an Idea for the app
  2. Make a budget
  3. Choose the platform and the type of content (i.e., Static or dynamic) for the app.
  4. Make a list of the features based on the Idea of your app for adding them to it later on.
  5. Make a list of the social media assets to which you want your app to link to.
  6. Make a complete design of your app by yourself or by hiring an app designer.
  7. Learn mobile app development yourself or hire a freelance developer to develop an app based on all the compiled data.
  8. Submit your app to the respective app store.
  9. Do marketing of your app by yourself or hire a digital marketing professional for this job in order to give your app broad exposure.
  10. Learn from the user feedback and make improvements in the app on the basis of the feedback.

9. Can I build an app for free?

If someone is a mobile app developer himself than he can develop a mobile app himself without any need to hire a developer. But still, he has to pay some cost for submitting the app to the respective app stores.

But if someone is not a mobile app developer himself than he would need to hire a developer and pay him the cost of development. The more complex an app is the more one has to pay for its development.

10. Does app development require coding?

If someone wants to develop an app himself than definitely it requires coding skills to develop a mobile app. But one can also compile his idea of the app and hire a mobile app developer for this job and he can do everything for you.

11. How much does it cost to develop a mobile app?

The answer depends on two things that are:

  1. If someone is a mobile app developer himself than he has to pay only for submitting the app to the app store.
  2. If someone is not a developer himself than he has to hire a mobile app developer and pay him for developing an app according to the complexity of the app and he also has to pay for submitting the app to the app store.

12. How do free apps make money?

Apps can be sold for a onetime fee, like other products. Consumers buy the app through the appropriate store and it is theirs for use whenever they like. The more apps the developers sell, the more money they make.

Ad supported apps make money by including an advertisement on a small portion of the screen. Anytime a user clicks an ad, the developer makes money.

Both Google and Apple provide developers access to the code to display ads and a service to provide the ads and track the clicks. In contrast to a paid app, the only time the developer gets paid is if an ad is clicked (Apple’s ad service also pays per view of the ad, but the amount is significantly less than a click).

The amount of money generated by a single click is very small, so to make much money it is important to get a lot of users of the app.

A third approach to making money is to provide for in-app purchases. With this model, the user gets the app for free but needs to make a purchase to get additional features. For example, a developer might provide a game for free but require a purchase for more advanced levels of the game.

Another approach is subscription based. The app provides functionality that requires access to the developer’s data or other services. To use the service, users buy a monthly or annual subscription.

Mobile App Development | The Ultimate Guide 2022
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