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How To Become A Freelance Writer With No Experience?

How to become a freelance writer with no experience

In almost every field of work, it is too much difficult for us to get a job without any previous experience. Before we dive deep into our main topic how to become a freelance writer with no experience or how to become a content writer, it is much more important to understand that before looking for a job we need to have the right type of expertise in our field of work.

No matter if it costs you extra time or learning expenses, you have to get that expertise first, and only then you can get that job. I want you to follow along till the end of this article carefully in order to get to know about it in detail.

1. What is the difference between Freelance Writing and Content Writing?

1.1 Freelance writing:

Freelance writing is working from home with proper freedom and ease and a freelance writer gets paid for different projects e.g. writing a blog post or an article for a website or he could be asked to write a poem or any other type of text, for which he is being hired by his clients.

1.2 Content writing:

Content writing is also writing content for different websites or working for an organization or one can write content for his/her own website. A content writer could also be working from home or from a company office.

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In my opinion, there is not much difference between them and both are mostly similar to each other. A freelance writer can be a content writer and a content writer can be a freelance writer, so both are somewhat the same thing.

2. How to become a Freelance Writer with No Experience?

2.1 Pre-requisites for starting career as a freelance writer or a content writer

  • One should be competent enough in his work so that he is capable of doing his job well whenever he is given a project related to his field of work.
  • Another most important thing that I’d like to share here is not only for being a freelance writer but also for any other job and that is commitment to your work which will always refine you more and more with time in your work.
  • I suggest before starting a career in freelance writing or content writing one should also learn SEO or at-least On-Page SEO which will help you in writing content that is search engine friendly.
  • You should must be capable enough to perform basic IT functions that could help you in writing better and more organized content.
  • The most important of all is that you should be good at creative writing skills as they are going to help you a lot in writing much better content.

2.2 How to become a freelance writer or content writer with no experience?

If you want to be a freelance writer I’d recommend you to follow these simple guidelines and they’ll help you start your career without the need for any previous experience:

  • First of all you’ll need to know that if you have all the necessary skills or not because without having proper skills it would be difficult for you to continue in your freelance writing career. I suggest that you should must have the following skills:
    1. SEO(On-Page SEO especially).
    2. Creative writing skills.
    3. Research skills.
    4. Well versed in writing without any grammatical mistakes.
    5. One should have a strong vocabulary.
  • One should be capable of choosing the right type of headings for the right type of content.
  • Before writing an article must do a thorough research and note important points.
  • Targeted Keywords should be distributed in the text in an optimal way.
  • Writing the content that is SEO friendly is the real art.
  • Write by keeping in mind the intention of the audience or the reader for which they’ll be reading that article.
  • Once you are good at all of the above things than the final thing that you need to do is to start practicing with your skill and write at least five articles with your best which you can show to your client later in order to impress him with your work.
  • Now build your profiles as a freelance writer at different freelancing sites and also upload your sample work. Also, if you can afford you can build an online portfolio of your freelance work where people can see your sample work and hire you for different projects.


No one starts earning over the night but they all have to go through difficult times. They have to keep patience and work hard and only then they can get success in their career. So, in the beginning, you just have to be patient and keep working hard.

4. Conclusion

If you believe that you can write great content and you have good creative writing skills, you can work from home as a freelance writer. Even if you have no experience still you can do it but you should have practiced a lot with the right type of skills that are required to be a freelance content writer.

You can build a great career in freelance writing if you work hard and polish your creative writing skills. Also, you need to have great research skills so that you can properly research the topic for which you are going to write content.

Also, let me know in the comment section what do you think about all the stuff that I’ve discussed in this article?

How To Become A Freelance Writer With No Experience?
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How To Become A Freelance Writer With No Experience?
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