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Unlock: How long does it take to learn a programming language?

how long does it take to learn a programming language

Before going in-depth on our main topic how long does it take to learn a programming language, it is important for us to have a brief introduction about a programming language.

You may have seen a lot of things over the internet and on your pc or different websites and applications that may have put a question in your mind a lot of times, how do all these things are made, and how a software is performing a specific functionality?

There is only one answer to all these queries that often pop up in your mind and it is that it is a computer programming language with the help of which all these functionalities are developed.

Also, I’ll explain everything that is necessary for the reader to understand this article completely. I want you to follow along till the end of this article carefully in order to get to know about it in detail.

1. What is a Programming Language?

1.1 Defining in simple words

A programming language is a kind of computer language, that is used to write different programs for different jobs. It may include adding various types of functionalities to those programs.

A programmer may write a code in any type of programming language in a text editor or in an IDE(Integrated Development Environment) which is then compiled into machine code that is readable by our computer and it is executed in accordance with the same program code.

1.2 Importance of a Computer Programming Language in Today’s Scenario

  • A computer programming language is of such importance that we can bring down our creative thinking with a programming language in the form of a program or an application that can perform a unique functionality.
  • In my opinion, in today’s scenario especially when everything is shifting to the world of the internet or taking a digital form, a programming language is such a powerful tool that one can do with it anything that he wishes to.
  • You can earn from it if he/she has got good programming skills and also he can use his skills to develop programs for his own ease that could perform different functions by itself for the user.
  • You can even build an E-commerce store of your choice online and you can earn much more and much better than the stores outside with the help of a programming language.
  • Anything around us that we see with which we can communicate for performing a specific functionality e.g. from washing machines, microwaves, TVs, to programs running inside cars and ATMs everything is running a program inside it that is written in a programming language.

So, now you understand the importance of a programming language that is being used in almost everything around us and you can do almost anything with the help of it that you can think of.

2. What are some of the Best Programming Languages in 2022?

Following are the 5 best programming languages that one should learn in 2022:

  1. JavaScript
    • Node JS(Popular JavaScript framework).
    • React JS(Popular JavaScript framework).
  2. Python
  3. Dart
  4. C#
  5. PHP

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3. How long does it take to Learn a Programming Language?

In order to know the time duration for learning any kind of development, then it depends on some factors and as well as on the individual himself. These factors are all listed below:

  1. The interest of the learner.
  2. Prior development experience can play a key role in determining the learning time.
  3. Commitment towards a decision.
  4. Devotion towards your work.
  5. Scheduling your whole day for better time management.

The actual time that it can cost

Now, if you have all the factors in you then it can cost you around 3-4 months complete on average for learning and mastering a computer programming language, if you give your learning proper timing. But if you think that you have a few of the factors missing in you then it may cost you about 6-7 months for learning and mastering a computer programming language.

4. Who can learn a programming language?

This is the most important question and I consider this question worth mentioning here. Anybody can learn a programming language and there is no need for having an IT degree for that.

Even though there is no need to go anywhere for learning a programming language but the only thing that is required from a person for learning it is his/her interest in IT(Information technology). Yes! your interest can best answer this question.

If you have an interest in any field then you can become a pro in that field but not in any other field, and the same is the case with IT or in the case of learning a programming language.

If you have an interest in it, you are passionate about learning it, and you can give proper time to learning a programming language without getting bored too quickly from it then yes! you can learn any type of programming language from home online.

6. What are some of the best practices for learning a computer programming language?

Here I’m going to discuss with you some best practices that I’ve learned through my personal experiences during my learning journey that can help you not even learn it in less time but also you can master your development skills. I’ve learned them after making a lot of mistakes and they are helpful for learning any kind of development. They are all listed below:

  1. First of all, I want you to learn with proper concentration whatever you learn from the courses and make notes on a separate notebook. It would prove helpful for you in the future. If possible try to record all the details in the form of bullets as that could help you remember everything with ease. And also whatever you learn practice it again and again until you completely understand the functionality of that particular element.
  2. After you have learned and completely understood a computer programming language that you wish to learn, try to make at least 4 projects on your own with your own creative ideas but with proper devotion and patience.
  3. Once you have completed all those 4 projects properly now is the time by which you have mastered most of the language elements and components. After that, I want you to keep the notes that you have made so far with you and start revising all the code from the beginning and keep practicing it side by side.
  4. Also, revise the projects that you have made yourself and give this complete revision process in steps 3 and 4 about a week. Trust me after you have followed all that I have described in this article you’ll be a master in any type of computer programming language that you wish to learn and you’ll be able to work on almost any type of project by this time.

7. Best sources for Learning almost any type of Computer Programming Language?

Here, I’m going to share with you the top sources for learning any type of computer programming language and I also use these sources personally for learning any type of IT-related courses.

  • YouTube
  • Udemy
  • freecoursesite.com
  • Udacity
  • Skillshare

8. Conclusion

The time in which one can learn any programming language totally depends on the person himself. If somebody thinks that he can learn any language in 5 months without devotion, commitment, proper attention, and most of all giving proper timing then it is totally like the Vain thinking of a foolish politician.

So, the important thing other than knowing the time is the factors that I’ve discussed above in this article. If any of those factors is missing in someone then he should try to adopt them all. It is the only way one can learn any programming language completely in less time.

The purpose of discussing all the relative concepts is to provide a proper understanding of a computer programming language and the time in which one can learn it.

Also, let me know in the comment section what do you think about the stuff that I’ve discussed in this article?

Unlock: How long does it take to learn a programming language?
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Unlock: How long does it take to learn a programming language?
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