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Flutter SharedPreferences: The Ultimate Guide [UPDATED 2022]

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Choosing the right type of method for storing data for our websites is one of the most important tasks that a developer has to go through while developing a website or a mobile application. Flutter SharedPreferences is also such a type of method that is used for storing data of mobile applications.

One can choose it for storing data of his application based on the type and amount of the data that is needed to be stored. As it can’t be the ideal solution in every scenario. I want you to follow along till the end of this article carefully in order to get to know about it in detail.

1. What is Flutter SharedPreferences?

1.1 Defining shared preferences in simple words

There are a lot of ways to store data for our mobile applications. But here we are going to discuss only one of them which has its own value. Shared preference in the most simple words is a way of storing a small amount of data or values of our apps using key-value pairs. Shared preferences could be used in most of the apps alone that have simple functionality and also a small amount of data.

1.2 Understanding Flutter SharedPreferences with an example

The best example that I can give you for using shared preferences is of an app in which there are various wish lists and you want to add the books to the ‘already read books’ wish list. So, this functionality could be added via shared preferences as there is a small amount of data being stored for simply maintaining the wish list of already-read books.

1.3 How shared preferences actually work?

Shared preferences are actually XML files that are used to store key-value pairs. They are similar to hash maps in the java programming language. They have the ability to keep the data, even when the application is closed and started again.

If you are working with an app in which you wish to save a small amount of data and you find it appropriate for the data to save it in the form of key-value pairs I’d recommend you to use the shared preferences API.

2. What is an API and what relation does it have with Flutter SharedPreferences?

An API is also known as an Application Programming Interface and generally, developers don’t have a correct idea of an API and they relate it with some other things.

  • API is a specific part of a software or a whole software, an application, or a website that plays the part of communication between two apps or websites or servers so that they can easily talk to each other.
  • The best example is a server API to whom a request is sent and it responds by providing the appropriate information required by the request. Now if we go into more depth we can have an example of a library that we have imported into our app development project.
  • After importing it we are performing various functionalities with the help of that library. That library is communicating with the rest of the code and it is most likely to have an API for this job.
  • Once we have understood the meaning of an API, now we can talk about shared preferences. In shared preferences, as we have discussed above data is stored in key-value pairs in an XML file and this file has the ability to communicate with the whole application.
  • There are various ways in which different requests are sent to shared preferences by the application. These requests are responded to accordingly with the help of respective shared preferences APIs. These APIs play a vital role in the functioning of Shared Preferences.

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3. Which platforms support Shared Preferences?

Previously we could use shared preferences in native android app development only especially in android studio which is the official IDE for developing native android apps. But later Google launched another framework for the development of cross-platform apps called flutter and now shared preferences could also be used in the Flutter framework. Flutter is also a rapidly growing framework because of its easiness and performance.

4. Conclusion

This article takes the readers from the very basic concepts like what are flutter shared preferences to the comprehensive explanations of flutter shared preferences and how they work. Now that you have read the article carefully, you know a lot about it and it’ll definitely be the base for learning to implement flutter shared preferences in real-world projects.

The purpose of discussing all the related concepts is to provide you with a proper understanding of flutter shared preferences.

Also, let me know in the comment section what do you think about the stuff that I have discussed here?

Flutter SharedPreferences: The Ultimate Guide [UPDATED 2022]
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Flutter SharedPreferences: The Ultimate Guide [UPDATED 2022]
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