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What is Flutter Future? | Learn Its Amazing Functionality In 6-Points

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Flutter is a cross-platform mobile app development framework made by Google in 2011. It comes with a lot of different, classes, methods, and operations that add unique functionality to it. One of those classes is called the Future Class in Flutter. One cannot develop an efficiently working app unless he knows and understands all these classes, functions, etc.

I want you to follow along till the end of this article carefully in order to get to know about flutter future in detail. Also, if you want to know in detail about the best framework for mobile apps development you can read an earlier article of mine about it here.

1. Understanding Flutter Future in detail

Before defining flutter future, It is important for you to understand what are asynchronous operations? why and when they are used? Once we are done with it, then it will be easy for you to understand Flutter future.

1.1 What is the basic functionality of a function or a method?

It is a simple thing that we all know that a function returns a result. For example, the function is called, it runs, and returns its results. Until the result is achieved the caller of the function awaits. Because it may take some time especially when it is accessing some resources.

1.2 What happens when something is loading to show the result?

We all have often noticed that whenever something is being loaded from the internet i.e. an animation, a picture, or some other data from a database it is often slow or it could take some time.

1.3 Why do applications freeze?

It is a story of most of the applications that the applications freeze in case of waiting for computation or while accessing a resource.

In today’s world, it is now a practice that when something is loading like this an animation is shown until it is properly loaded or until the await time is over.

1.4 What are asynchronous operations and when are they used?

Now one must be thinking of the fact that how can an application run and show an animation while waiting for the results? This is made possible by asynchronous operations.

So, these are actually the operations that run while the code is waiting for a result or you can say that they enable the app to continue running all the background working of the app and that particular instance that needs to wait is waiting.

1.5 Will this asynchronous functionality be added to our application by itself?

No, it can’t be done by it automatically and we have to add some functionality for it. This functionality is added through asynchronous functions like async and await which are used in a pattern.

1.6 Here comes the Flutter Future

It is an obvious thing that a method or a function that takes some time to return the result, cannot return immediately. Instead, it will return a promise of delivering the result when it’ll be done. This is called a future.

2. How can we define Flutter Future?

In simple words, flutter future or simply a future is a class that is defined exactly like a function in dart. A future is used where a method or a function takes time in returning the result and awaits it. Instead of returning the actual result, a future returns a promise which shows that the results will be delivered once they are ready.

For example, we can say that a promise to load a number from the database would return a Future<int>. The promise to return a list of movies from the internet search will return Future<List<Movie>>. Also, A future represents the result of an asynchronous operation and it can have two states: uncompleted or completed.

For Example:

The screenshot is taken from stackoverflow.com

3. Conclusion

As it is not easy for the readers to understand flutter future unless they completely understand the importance of Async and Await functions. So, after discussing the asynchronous operations the readers would have easily understood what flutter future is and when is it used.

Also, let me know in the comment section what you think about it and what is your choice?

What is Flutter Future? | Learn Its Amazing Functionality In 6-Points
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What is Flutter Future? | Learn Its Amazing Functionality In 6-Points
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