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Firebase vs MongoDB: Is it a fair comparison? [UPDATED 2022]

firebase vs mongodb

Before getting in-depth into the difference between Firebase Vs MongoDB, it is important to have a brief introduction about both of them. Traditionally, the real-time database was known as Firebase. But now it refers to the entire suite of services that include Firestore, RTDB(Real-time database), File storage, authentication, etc. It is owned by Google

On the other hand, MongoDB is a NoSQL database and it is owned by MongoDB Inc. It is one of the most popular NoSQL databases that are available today. Also, I’ll explain everything that is required from the reader to understand this article. I want you to follow along till the end of this article carefully in order to get to know about it in detail.

1. Understanding Firebase Vs MongoDB

1.1 What are databases?

In simple words, the database is an organized system for storing data in a structured and systematic form electronically either online or offline. It is controlled by a DBMS and it may use SQL(Structured querying language) for writing and querying data.

1.2 What are NoSQL databases?

NoSQL databases are those types of databases that do not have a relational type of databases management system nor do they have a predefined structure like an RDBMS. So, Having no predefined schema(structure of the database that defines how the data will be organized in it) makes it perfect for storing a large amount of data. It is very useful for bigger stores and companies for example Facebook, Instagram, and Google store terabytes of user data per day.

1.3 What are document-oriented databases?

It is that type of database that works on the basic principle of dealing with the documents alone. They have nothing to do with the strictly defined tables or columns and rows system as in an RDBMS(Relational Database management system).

It actually works by forming a structure of the total data of the documents and converting it into a searchable, organized form. It is also a kind of a NoSQL database that we have discussed above which has the capability to resolve the data in a document that stores the data under certain keys and it also has the support for retrieval.

1.4 What is a JSON document?

JSON is also known as JavaScript Object Notation. It is something you don’t have to dig deep into but just have its simple understanding that it is a very lightweight document for storing and transferring data easily. JSON is a self-explanatory document and is easy to understand and its most common use is when some data is sent to the web page from a server. It uses human-readable text to store and transmit data being an open standard file format.

1.5 What is cloud storage?

Cloud storage is a service, in which the service provider has some virtual servers on which data of different users are stored on the internet via webservers. This data is accessible from anywhere and from any device and the user just has to provide his account username and password. One can access his data from any device and use it.

Also, cloud storage allows its users to not only access its data from anywhere and any device but also interact with it in any way. It allows for various functions that could also be performed. The companies that are offering cloud services are still on the road to increasing the size of their server to keep on facilitating their users with the cloud services they offer. The best example of cloud storage that should be quoted here is the Google Cloud Storage service.

1.6 What is Firebase?

Firebase is not only a database but is a feature-rich platform for mobile app development. According to Google. “firebase is Google’s mobile application development platform that helps you build, improve and grow your app”. In the time during which an application is being developed, there are a lot of things on which a developer has to work. It not only costs them a lot of time but also a lot of hard work and still it is difficult for beginners to do it.

So, most of the necessary tools that help an app to work properly and grow are provided by firebase which is developed by Google. There is a lot of stuff that is included in firebase but here in this article, we’ll go for a basic understanding of it only.

Google also says that “firebase helps you build and run successful apps” so, if we summarize it in simple words we can say that firebase is a platform for mobile apps development that provides all the necessary tools to build, improve, and grow apps efficiently and also helps the developers to save a lot of time.

It allows the developer to add advanced functionalities to his app without spending any extra hours or days as one can add such functionalities via Firebase.

1.7 what is MongoDB?

MongoDB is a non-relational document-oriented database management system which is a NoSQL type of database which means that it doesn’t rely on the relational table databases system. There is no need for predefined schemas(skeleton structure of the data in the document) while adding data to the database. Instead, it uses JSON-like documents with dynamic schemas. Basically, the document uses key-value pairs which are the basic system of storing data in MongoDB. It is mostly used for web development.

1.8 Is it the right choice to differentiate between them / Firebase Vs MongoDB?

From the above discussion, we can understand that Firebase is a complete suite of services offered by Google that includes databases as a subset whereas MongoDB is itself a NoSQL database and it is not a suite of services.

This makes both of them totally different things and it would be inappropriate to compare them both. It is much better than we can explain the various features of both so that one can easily understand the difference between them along with their functionality.

Explaining features of both, Firebase Vs MongoDB

2. What are the main features of Firebase?

There are a lot of unique features that are provided by firebase and I’m going to discuss them one by one below:

  1. Firebase has its own backend development infrastructure that helps the developers to accelerate their mobile app development and also they can complete their project in much less time.
  2. Once you have properly developed your app using firebase then you can not only release the app with confidence but also you can monitor the app’s performance about its working. It’ll automatically help you grow your app by knowing the weaknesses in the app and correcting them.
  3. It also extends support for google analytics and one can completely analyze the usage of their app e.g. who are the users of their app and what actions they are taking, again and again, the app, will not only help you understand the user behavior but also you can make necessary improvements very easily.
  4. Another most important feature of it is its extended support for machine learning which can help the developers to have a better understanding of future user behavior.
  5. You can also run experiments on various creative ideas that could pop up in your mind related to your app, and you can analyze the user behavior about those ideas.
  6. In most apps, user authentication is an issue that users face, and it is also efficiently managed by firebase. It makes it easy for the users to sign in or log in from almost any device. Also, the developer can have a better understanding of users’ authentication and their behavior with regard to it.
  7. Thanks to firebase, it made it easy for us to send automated push notifications across any platform to gain more user attention towards our app.
  8. In the success story of every app or website or even a business, it is the stability in its revenue that plays a vital role in its growth, and Google firebase also allows us to analyze various elements and factors that could help it stabilize in its revenue and performance.
  9. Google firebase is equipped with another advanced feature that helps us to send automated and contextual messages within the app to the users that are active in our app and are using it more than others to encourage them and tell them about some other features through which they can get the benefit.

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3. What are the main features of MongoDB?

There are the following main features of the MongoDB database which are enlisted below:

  1. The document data model used by MongoDB officially supports JSON. JSON is actually a data representation format that is lite weight and easy to understand as it is used for transferring data. JSON stores data in data types like String, Number, Boolean, Null, and Object. The object is the most complex and most widely used data type and stores data in the form of key-value pairs and the same is done in the case of MongoDB by JSON. MongoDB stores data in the form of key-value pairs.
  2. It is an open-source database management system and it is also a non-relational database management system.
  3. Mainly it is used for large-scale applications with high performance and it is more secure than Firebase.
  4. MongoDB is a cross-platform database and it could be accessed from any platform. This unique feature makes it the best among its competitors.
  5. MongoDB is also a feature-rich and mature database and it is a full-fledged database that has support for almost any kind of development.
  6. MongoDB can also be used for real-time updates just like firebase. It is the best choice for large apps to work smoothly as it could also integrate real-time updates but it would cost a developer more hard work.
  7. You can take your app to a peak with scalability and flexibility. It is the most powerful NoSQL database that enables the developers to work with perfection by offering some powerful storage capabilities that one can make use of if he/she has a strong grip over it.

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4. Which one is best for you / Firebase Vs MongoDB?

If you have carefully read the above-detailed discussion about MongoDB and Firebase then by now you should have a proper understanding of both, Firebase Vs MongoDB. If you are working with a small app that usually focuses on user data management and authentication or any other small-scale app then you should go for Firebase and if you are working on developing a large-scale app then you should go for MongoDB as it is the best choice for large scale apps and its community version is also completely free for use.

Some other key factors that could help you make a better decision in choosing the right option from them(Firebase Vs MongoDB) are as follows:

  1. MongoDB is free and open-source managed and owned by MongoDB Inc it was developed in 2009 whereas firebase is a commercial service provided by Google which is also free for an app in the beginning to run but later it can cost you some money and it came up in 2011 and is owned by Google.
  2. Firebase offers some other features that include assistance in building an app, improving an app, and also growing an app whereas MongoDB mostly focuses on its database storage system but if you are a good developer with some experience then you can work on developing the same features yourself using MongoDB but of course, it can cost you more time and hard work.
  3. Firebase is a good option for small-scale apps whereas MongoDB is the best option for developing large-scale apps and firebase being a cloud storage database is not as much secure as MongoDB which is NoSQL non-relational distributed document database, which is the main difference between these two.

5. Conclusion

This article takes the readers from the very basic concepts like what are databases to the comprehensive definitions of the Firebase suite and MongoDB. Now that you have read the article carefully, it is now an easy job for you to make the right choice out of these two.

The purpose of discussing all the related concepts is to provide you with a proper understanding of the Firebase suite and MongoDB.

Also, let me know in the comment section what do you think about the stuff that I have discussed here?

Firebase vs MongoDB: Is it a fair comparison? [UPDATED 2022]
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Firebase vs MongoDB: Is it a fair comparison? [UPDATED 2022]
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