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Cassandra DB Vs MongoDB: Which is the Right Choice for you?

Cassandra DB Vs MongoDB

Both of the databases Cassandra DB Vs MongoDB are greatly used today by various larger platforms. They even share some similarities i.e. they are both NoSQL databases but at the same time, there are some differences that make them different from each other, and thus one gets confused in choosing the right option. Also. I’ll explain everything that is required for the reader to understand this article.

Both of the databases serve their purposes well and the users of both these databases are happy with them. I want you to follow along till the end of this article carefully in order to get to know about it in detail. I’ll try to keep things as simple as I can.

1. Understanding Cassandra DB Vs MongoDB

1.1 What are databases?

In simple words, the database is an organized system for storing data in a structured and systematic form electronically either online or offline. It is controlled by a DBMS and it may use SQL(Structured querying language) for writing and querying data.

Note: A DBMS means a database management system i.e. MySQL.

1.2 What are NoSQL databases?

NoSQL databases are those types of databases that do not have a relational type of databases management system nor do they have a predefined structure like an RDBMS. So, Having no predefined schema(structure of the database that defines how the data will be organized in it) makes it perfect for storing a large amount of data. It is very useful for bigger stores and companies for example Facebook, Instagram, and Google store terabytes of user data per day.

1.3 What is Cassandra DB?

Cassandra DB is a free and open-source as well as distributed, wide column store NoSQL database management system. It is designed to handle large amounts of data. It is written in Java Programming language. Cassandra has a table-like structure of rows and columns and it is much better than any of the other RDBMS. Since it is a distributed database, its distribution design is based on Amazon’s DynamoDB.

1.4 What is MongoDB?

MongoDB is a non-relational document-oriented database management system which is a NoSQL type of database. It means that it doesn’t rely on the relational table databases system.

Also, there is no need for predefined schemas(skeleton structure of the data in the document) while adding data to the database instead it uses JSON-like documents with dynamic schemas. Basically, the document uses key-value pairs which are the basic system of storing data in MongoDB.

2. What’s the difference between them / Cassandra DB Vs MongoDB?

Cassandra DB Vs MongoDB

Cassandra DB

  • Cassandra DB is owned by Facebook and it is a free and open-source Database Management System.
  • Cassandra DB has a much better write speed because it has multiple master nodes.
  • Cassandra DB has a table-like structure of rows and columns and it is much better than any of the other RDBMS in terms of structure.
  • It has its own query language CQL(Cassandra Querying Language). Because it is a non-relational database it has a different way of storing data.
  • It is written in Java programming language.
  • In terms of overall performance, Cassandra DB doesn’t perform as better as MongoDB can.
  • Cassandra doesn’t have a built-in aggregation framework.
  • Cassandra is specially designed to manipulate huge data across multiple nodes.
  • Examples of top companies that are using Cassandra DB include Reddit, Facebook, Netflix, etc.
  • Cassandra DB provides 16 data types along with 3 collection data types, and it also has support for user-defined data types.


  • MongoDB is owned by MongoDB Inc. and it is also an open-source database management system.
  • MongoDB also has a good write speed but it has only one master node, that’s why it won’t write as fast as Cassandra can.
  • MongoDB is an object and document-oriented database management system.
  • MongoDB doesn’t use any query language but its queries are managed with the help of JSON fragments.
  • It is written in C++ programming language.
  • In terms of overall database performance, MongoDB performs much better than Cassandra DB.
  • MongoDB has a built-in aggregation framework of its own.
  • MongoDB can also handle a large amount of data manipulation but it has a single master node so it may not perform as well as Cassandra DB can in this regard.
  • Examples of top companies that are using MongoDB include Forbes, Google, Cisco, etc.
  • MongoDB has a total of 15 data types that can be used for performing various operations.

3. Which one is the right choice for you / Cassandra DB Vs MongoDB?

From the above difference, we can now very easily choose the one according to our needs. If somebody is shifting from any RDBMS to a NoSQL database and RDBMS is no more helpful for him then MongoDB is a good choice for him to start with.

On the other hand, if somebody has to work with a huge amount of data that is stored in a database along with various operations are to be performed with it, and the amount of data is also increasing with time then MongoDB’s performance would be decreasing as the amount of data is increasing and here the Cassandra is the best option to go with.

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4. Conclusion

This article takes the readers from the basic concepts like What is a database to the comprehensive definitions of Cassandra DB and MongoDB along with a detailed comparison between them. Now that you have read the article carefully, it is now easy for you to make the right choice out of these two.

The purpose of discussing all the related concepts is to provide you with a proper understanding of Cassandra DB and MongoDB.

Also, let me know in the comment section what do you think about it and what is your preferred choice?

Cassandra DB Vs MongoDB: Which is the Right Choice for you?
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Cassandra DB Vs MongoDB: Which is the Right Choice for you?
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