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10 Little-Known Uses Of C++ for Web Development? [2022]

C++ for web development

Web Development is a very hot topic today and is under discussion by about every developer community. But there are certain languages that people don’t know whether they can use for web development or not or how can they use them for web development. So, if one can use C++ for web development or not and how one can he use it would be the topic of our main concern in this article.

C++ was released in 1980. Also, it can be used for multiple purposes and not for only one purpose. I want you to follow along till the end of this article carefully in order to get to know about it in detail.

1. Understanding C++ for Web Development

1.1 What is Web Development?

It is that type of development in which the developers are involved in working for the development of various web-related projects and it could include websites, web apps, plugins, extensions, PWAs(progressive web apps), etc.

Web Development is the type of development in which people are working on the development of a project which is related to the web platform. It involves using the tools and languages that are used for web development. The best example that I can give for this is HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP which are greatly used for web development.

1.2 What is C++?

C++ was created by Bjarne Stroustrup. Initially, both C and C++ were considered high-level languages in the beginning but later on with the advent of other high-level languages like Java, now both C and C++ are considered low-level languages.

It is also a general-purpose language as it can serve multiple purposes and it is not built for one specific job. It is an OOP-based programming language that’s why it is more secure than C. Its syntax is also similar to the C programming language.

2. Can we use C++ for Web Development?

Yes! we can use C++ for web development in various ways. Even there are a lot of web technologies that are using C++. The best example I can give here is Google Chrome which is the world’s most popular web browser and is written in the C++ programming language.

2.1 In which ways can we use C++ for web development?

There are the following ways in which we can use C++ for web development:

  • It can be easily used to write a server-side web application.
  • One can write an Apache or NGINX module using C++.
  • CPPCMS is a good framework of C++ for web development.
  • It can be used for server-side programming. Even one can make his own HTTP server.
  • One can write addons in C++ for NodeJs.
  • No matter its actual use is system-level programming but it can also be used for web development in certain ways.
  • Top websites that use C++ for their back-end code:
    • Google
    • YouTube
    • Facebook
    • Amazon
    • Twitter
  • C++ is greatly used in web application development for improving their performance. It gives the developers control over system resources which enables them to write apps that are more powerful and efficient.
  • Boost and POCO are the most highly regarded libraries of C++ for web development.

2.2 Can we use C++ for Client-side programming?

No! we can’t use C++ for client-side programming because it is a platform-dependent programming language and also it is not suitable for sandboxed environments.

2.3 Can we use C++ as a scripting language?

You can’t use C++ as a scripting language and it would be much better if you look for an already existing scripting language for this job.

2.4 Is C++ the best choice for Web Development or for writing complete Web Applications?

C++ can be used in back-end code for making apps more powerful and efficient but using it for other reasons in web development is not the right choice. Below are the reasons why:

  • C++ is a very complex language to understand. If somebody is not that skilled in it then it would be very difficult for him to take complete use of it in any project.
  • Another reason is that C++ development is very slow and expensive.
  • If we rely completely on C++ for a web development project then it is totally unsafe for this job.
  • It doesn’t have a Standard Package Manager.
  • There is no standard build system but there are different build systems that for it that one can use. So, you have to learn not only that language but also build the system.
  • Another reason is that it is really difficult to deploy a project built using it on the cloud.

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3. Conclusion

After covering all the aspects that are necessary for answering our main question that can we use C++ for web development, it has enabled the readers to understand in which ways can we use it for web development and for which purposes it can’t be used in it.

The purpose of discussing all the relative concepts is to provide a proper understanding of the C++ programming language and its use cases in web development.

Also, let me know in the comment section what do you think about the stuff that I’ve discussed in this article?

10 Little-Known Uses Of C++ for Web Development? [2022]
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10 Little-Known Uses Of C++ for Web Development? [2022]
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