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Best IDE For Mobile App Development | The Ultimate Guide [2022]

best ide for mobile app development

There are a lot of IDEs available for almost any type of development and it is really a difficult job to choose which is the best IDE for mobile app development. The answer to this question depends upon the fact that which type of mobile app development approach one is using to build an app.

So, whether somebody is using a native app development approach or a cross-platform approach, the answer will be different. After reading this article, all your queries regarding the best IDE for mobile app development would be cleared. I want you to follow along till the end of this article carefully in order to get to know about it in detail.

1. What is an IDE?

1.1 Defining in simple words

An IDE, also known as Integrated Development Environment, is a specially designed and developed environment for the developers which assists them while they are writing their codes. So, In short, we can summarize it in simple words that an IDE is a source code editor which can assist the developer while writing code for anything that could help him in saving valuable time.

1.2 How an IDE can assist a developer?

An IDE can assist the developer by showing various suggestions to the developer whenever he is writing some code. At the appropriate suggestion, the developer can simply press a Tab button and it would implement the whole code by itself following that suggestion.

Also in an IDE, the source code is edited in a way that everything is differentiated by the use of different colors so that it would be easy for a developer to quickly find a particular Method, Function or Class, etc.

2. Which is the Best IDE for Mobile App Development?

The answer to this question varies on the basis of two different types of approaches to mobile app development. The two approaches are Native Mobile App Development and Cross-platform Mobile App Development. If you need to know in detail about the two different types of approaches of mobile app development you can read another article of mine about it here.

2.1 Best IDE for Native App Development

Native apps are those type of apps that are developed for a particular platform only and are developed using the official Integrated Development Environment(IDE) which support specific languages. For Native IOS app development, one can use only XCode which is the best and only option available as it is the official IDE developed for this job.

In the case of Native Android app development, the best IDE is Android Studio which is the official IDE for android app development. It is the best option for developing Native Android apps.

2.2 Best IDE for Cross-Platform App Development

Cross-Platform app development is the type of app development that is based on the notion of “Right once and run anywhere“. It enables the developers to save time and build nice apps with only a single code base. It is an old thing to say that cross-platform apps are not as efficient as the native ones are because with the arrival of Google Flutter it is now possible to develop apps that are almost equally as efficient as the native ones are.

The best IDE for cross-platform mobile app development is VScode. I’ve discussed it in detail below:

  • VScode is a free source code editor by Microsoft which is available on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS platforms. It is also such a powerful IDE that allows the developer to take maximum assistance from it.
  • One can also Install various extensions in it for various programming languages and it is also known for its fast speed and reliability as compared to the other IDEs that are available today in the market.
  • VScode supports more than one type of development as one can use it for mobile app development as well as web development also. So, once you have used VScode and worked over it for some time, trust me, you will not leave it.
  • So, In short, VScode is an IDE that can assist a developer in many ways in more than one type of development and it supports hundreds of programming languages on which one can work.

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3. How to choose the best IDE for any type of development?

It is a very important question for which people often get confused and fail to take a proper decision. One should check for VScode first if it could be used for that particular type of development or not because it supports a huge number of programming languages. It is also considered a developer’s favorite choice for development and it comes at first place in the list of best IDEs.

Another important thing that one should keep in mind is that various special kinds of developments could be used with different types of IDEs i.e. for simple game development one can use Eclipse, Visual Studio, etc., and in the case of android games, Android Studio is the best option.

So the best thing that one can do is to do proper research over the Internet and find the right option for you.

4. Conclusion

Choosing the right IDE for any type of development is one of the most important questions that often confuse beginners. But after getting a proper understanding of what is an IDE, how can it assist a developer, and which is the best IDE for mobile app development from this article, the readers can easily choose the best option.

Also, let me know in the comment section what do you think about it and what would be your preferred choice?

Best IDE For Mobile App Development | The Ultimate Guide [2022]
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Best IDE For Mobile App Development | The Ultimate Guide [2022]
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