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Best Framework for Mobile Apps | The Ultimate Guide [2022]

best framework for mobile apps

With the growth of the development industry and with many advancements made in it, the mobile app development industry is also growing rapidly. There are a lot of frameworks available today that one can use to develop mobile apps and at the same time one gets confused to choose which one is the best framework for mobile apps development.

So, I’m here to help you in choosing the best framework for mobile apps and without wasting your precious time I’ll take you straight to it. The best framework for mobile app development today is Flutter by Google. In this article, we are going to talk in detail about Flutter. I want you to follow along till the end of this article carefully in order to get to know about it in detail.

1. What is Flutter?

  • Flutter is a cross-platform mobile app development tool and if you are unfamiliar with the term “Cross-Platform” you must be confused by it. But don’t worry you are going to know about it all that you need to know after reading this article. So cross-platform approach to mobile app development actually means that with the help of a single code base you can build apps for both platforms e.g. Android and IOS.
  • In other words, we can say that one has to write the code once only and the app would run on both platforms and you don’t have to write separate codes in two different languages using different tools. It basically works on the principle “write once and run anywhere”.
  • Flutter is actually developed by Google and it is a framework for cross-platform mobile app development. It uses Dart programming language which is also developed by Google in 2011. Dart is a very powerful language and it is also easy to learn if you have previously learned Java or any other OOP-based language.
  • You must be thinking that how is it the best framework for mobile apps? Flutter has the specialty of developing apps that are almost equally efficient as the native ones are and also you don’t have to design the apps separately because it works exactly the same on all the platforms and there is no other framework that is as much efficient as Flutter is.

2. Which is the best IDE for the best framework for mobile apps?

There are the following best IDEs for the best framework for mobile apps development:

  • The best IDE(Integrated Development Environment) for Flutter is VScode which is developed by Microsoft. It is the best-known IDE available on the internet today. It has support for various types of development and for different programming languages also. It is reliable, convenient, simple, fast, and assistive for the developer. You can download it easily from here.
  • One can also use Google’s Official IDE called Android Studio for app development which also supports Flutter and it is also a good option to go for. If you want to go with Android Studio you can follow the below guide for setting it up for Flutter.

3. How can we install Flutter on Windows or Mac OS and use it in Android Studio?

3.1 What is Android Studio?

If you are not familiar with the android studio before, still you can do it all very easily, all you have to do is to follow this guide. So, Android Studio is an IDE(Integrated Development Environment) by Jetbrains and is developed on JetBrain’s IntelliJ IDEA software. It is also a great choice for the best framework for mobile apps.

Android Studio is Google’s official IDE for mobile app development. IDE is an interactive development environment for developers which assists developers to write code for their app with more ease by providing various suggestions and with a single Tab button press, a whole line of code would be implemented from that suggestion.

3.2 Step-by-step guide for setting up Android Studio for Flutter

In order to install and set up Android Studio for the best framework for mobile apps, you have to follow this step-by-step guide which is given below.

  1. First of all, you must have the following system requirements to run android studio properly which are provided by Google:
    • Windows 7, 8, 10,(64-bit).
    • 4GB Ram minimum, 8GB Ram recommended.
    • 2GB of available disk space minimum, 4GB is recommended by Google (500MB for IDE and 1.5GB for SDK and emulator system image).
    • 1280*800 minimum screen resolution.
  2. Now in our next step, we have to download and install the latest version of flutter for windows or mac, whichever operating system we are on we can download flutter for it from here. After you have downloaded the file now you have to extract the contained files to your desired location.
  3. Also, update the path in your path environment variable. You can do this by going to the search bar in the toolbar and type ‘env’, and chose Edit path environment variable and then under the user variable tab double click the path variable and add the path to the flutter directory bin file. For example, if you have extracted the file to the c:\src\flutter directory then you will add the same path to the path variable.
  4. Also, I recommend you to install Git from here which is required for it to work properly.
  5. In our next step, we will have to download the latest version of Android Studio from here and after downloading we will have to install it.
  6. Once we have installed our android studio most of our job is done. Now, we have to set up our IDE for app development by installing the latest version SDKs in it, which we will be using in the future for app development.
    • We can install them simply by navigating to the SDK manager and choosing android SDK which shows a list of android SDKs from which we can choose our desired option. It will automatically download and install it and I’ll recommend installing the following SDKs:
      • Android 11.0 (R)
      • Android 10.0 (Q)
      • Android 9.0 (Pie)
  7. After that, we can install virtual android devices by navigating to the Android Virtual Device Manager.
    • By choosing to create a virtual device from which we can select any available device.
    • We can select any recommended API level for the device which will be automatically shown by clicking on the Next button.
    • Also, choose one or more than one system image for the android versions which you wish to emulate. I recommend you to choose the *86 or *86_64 image.
  8. Now after the installation is complete I want you to install a plugin called flutter plugin from the following path on the windows platform inside the android studio: File > Setting > Plugins and then select marketplace and choose the flutter plugin to install.
  9. Now I want you to run the flutter doctor in order to check if there are any dependencies missing in order to know about them and install them.
    • So, you can open it by opening the CMD and you can type the flutter command and hit enter it will tell if flutter is installed on your pc or not or if there are any updates available to it.
    • After that, you will have to run the flutter doctor command which will check for any missing dependencies or plugins which need to be installed. If you are following this step correctly there would be no errors for sure.
  10. Now flutter in the android studio is all set up and now you have to run android studio and go to File > new project > new flutter project and then you can set up your project settings as you desire.

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4. What are the best sources for learning Flutter?

There are the following main sources for learning the best framework for mobile apps that is Flutter:

5. Conclusion

According to the above discussion, flutter came out to be the best framework. Although it is competing with the native app development tools still flutter being a cross-platform framework that delivers nearly native-like performance and experience.

It could be expected that it’ll improve even more in the near future. I’ve discussed everything in this article that a complete beginner needs to know in following the right path, even the whole process of setting up flutter in Android Studio is discussed in detail.

Also, let me know in the comment section what do you think about all the stuff that I’ve discussed in this article?

Best Framework for Mobile Apps | The Ultimate Guide [2022]
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Best Framework for Mobile Apps | The Ultimate Guide [2022]
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