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Adobe Premier Pro Vs After Effects In 2022: How do they differ?

Adobe Premiere Pro Vs After Effects

Before we go in-depth on our main topic Adobe Premier Pro Vs After Effects, it is important to have a brief introduction to both these software. Adobe Premiere Pro is the industry-standard video editing software and it is widely used for this purpose by content creators around the globe.

After Effects on the other hand is also one of the industry-standard motion graphic and compositing software and is also widely used around the globe. Both are designed to serve distinct purposes that I’m going to explain to you in this article. I want you to follow along till the end of this article carefully in order to get to know about it in detail.

1. Understanding Adobe Premier Pro Vs After Effects

Both being industry-standard software it is difficult for the users especially beginners to understand which of them is the right choice for them and the main reason behind this is that people lack the basic understanding of these two software which I’m going to provide here.

1.1 What is Adobe Premier Pro?

As discussed above, Adobe Premiere Pro is the industry-standard software for video editing and one can edit videos in it with the support of a lot of different features and transition effects that add value to its functionality. Mainly one can add videos, footage, clips, audio, pictures, etc. in one timeline, and then he can sequence all of them as desired and from that one timeline a final product is produced.

1.2 What is Adobe After Effects?

Adobe After Effects is also an industry-standard software for motion graphics and compositing or for making animations. Its main functionality is a lot of advanced special effects that one can use in their creative projects.

These effects aren’t available in Premier Pro and these effects make it really different from other software. Also, it can’t be called a video editing software although it comes with some editing features but it is not designed for this job.

2. What is the difference between Adobe Premier Pro and After Effects?

Adobe Premier Pro Vs After Effects

Adobe Premier Pro

  • Adobe Premier Pro is a video editing software and it is much faster and smooth for this job as compared to Adobe After Effects because it is specially designed for video editing.
  • Another important feature that adds value to Premier Pro’s video editing environment is the real time playback that also runs very smoothly in it.
  • Premier Pro isn’t a good choice for motion graphics, building animations i.e. logo animation, or applying advanced special effects that are available in after effects.
  • It is a non – linear editing software. Being non – linear means that one can add different videos, clips, footages, audio, pictures, transition effects, etc. all in one timeline and then they could be sequenced very easily and could also be combined together to produce an end product in the form exactly as one desires it to be.
  • Premier Pro can’t be called an industry standard motion graphic and compositing software because it isn’t designed for this job.

Adobe After Effects

  • Adobe After Effects is a software which you can use to add creativity to your projects. Actually, it is a motion graphic and compositing software in which you can make presentations, slideshows, animated logos, text animations, etc.
  • Adobe After Effects also comes with a feature of real time playback but it is suitable for small compositions only and it doesn’t work as smoothly as it does in premier pro.
  • It can’t be called a video editing software at all although it comes with certain features that can be used for video editing but it is not that good in it because it is not designed for this job.
  • It is mainly known for huge number advanced and special effects that could be applied to the projects in After Effects. These Effects can also be created by other people as well which could be easily downloaded and added to Adobe After Effects also, some are free to use and some requires you to pay for the,
  • In simple words it is designed specifically for motion graphics, compositing and adding advanced effects or you can say that it is a Photoshop for Videos.

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3. When to use Adobe Premier Pro and when Adobe After Effects?

If your main concern is video editing only then definitely you should go for Adobe Premier Pro but if your main concern is adding advanced special effects to short clips, footage, etc., or making animations like logo animation then you should choose Adobe After Effects for this job.

My personal recommendation is that one should keep both these products and should use them side by side as both the software support each other i.e. you can add the After Effect project to Premier Pro and the Premier Pro project to After Effect. So, when you’ll be needing After Effects based work you can take it there and once it’s done you can take it back to Premier Pro.

This way both of these software can provide excellent results. Also, it is worth mentioning here that one can replace any clip from Adobe Premier Pro from anywhere in the timeline with an After Effects composition directly.

4. Conclusion

Both Adobe After Effects and Adobe premier Pro are great graphics software and they are both known for their respective functionalities. You can use Adobe Premier Pro for advanced-level video editing and you can use Adobe After Effects for making animations and adding advanced-level effects.

Neither of them can replace the other and they are both known for different reasons. So, one can use either of them based on their respective use cases.

The purpose of discussing all the relative concepts is to provide the readers with the proper understanding of both these software. Also, let me know in the comment section what do you think about all the stuff that I’ve discussed in this article?

Adobe Premier Pro Vs After Effects In 2022: How do they differ?
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Adobe Premier Pro Vs After Effects In 2022: How do they differ?
Learn 10 Useful differences in this adobe premier pro vs after-effects comparison as both are industry-standard software for different uses.
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