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WordPress Tips and Tricks to increase productivity by 110%: Tested

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Before we take a deep dive into our main topic Best WordPress Tips and Tricks, let’s have a brief intro about WordPress first. WordPress is a CMS(content management system) which is widely used today all around the world and actually most people today prefer WordPress over developing a custom website as it is easy to manage and totally free.

Especially, bloggers opt for WordPress for their blogging website and consider it the best CMS of all. Also, WordPress gives an individual an opportunity to earn money totally free of cost.

Here in this article, I’m going to discuss in detail, 10 WordPress tips and tricks which are really helpful for beginners so that they can perform much better. I’ve learned these through experience after making a lot of mistakes.

1. Best Tips for WordPress

Following are the best tips that every WordPress developer should know to perform their tasks in a much better way.

i. Build your website on localhost

I’d say that this is a million-dollar tip that one should build their website on localhost and once it is completed then we can take it online with the help of a useful feature that comes built-in in WordPress that allows you to make a backup of all your website content and it could be downloaded and then you can directly import it through that file and you’ll have your website easily transferred to the hosting account.

So, build your website along with all its content and then make its full backup once you are all done with it and then take it online to your web hosting by importing it into your WordPress dashboard. This tip is best suited for beginners who want to build a website and they have not made any site before.

ii. Must add a table prefix

Another one of the most important things that you must worry about is the security of your website and this tip is also about the security of your WordPress website.

One should add a prefix and you probably do it when you are newly installing WordPress and it is asked where you have to provide your database connection details and it is by default as “wp_” but it is easily accessible by a hacker so you can change it to something like this “wp_123456” so that a hacker won’t be able to guess it easily.

iii. Blogging & affiliate marketing

This is one of the best tips for you guys who wish to set up a blog of their own. Simply choose a niche and build a blog for that and also add an affiliate marketing section to your website along with the section of your blog. But choose the products that are totally related to your niche. Also, conduct SEO research to make your website work much better. If you don’t know about SEO you can know about it in detail for free on YouTube.

Blogging along with Affiliate marketing can help you earn a handsome amount of money. All you have to do is some effort in doing things the right way. You can learn about it online from different sources for free.

iv. Number of posts

This is one of the most important factors that are responsible for a blog becoming successful. You may have heard from a few places that the number of articles on your website doesn’t really matter but that’s totally wrong. I’m sharing this tip with you totally on the basis of my personal experience that I have learned and earned through my own website TechProbe.com.

There should be at least 50-100 posts in your blog only then you can call it a blog in today’s scenario and in my recommendation one should have at least 100 posts for his blogging site only then you can earn some good money from it or else even if it gets monetized still you won’t be getting enough amount of money out of it.

v. Length of an article

Mostly, it happens that often people get confused whenever they set up a blog using WordPress about what should be the length of an article. So, the answer to this question lies in the topic of the article itself.

The topic or the title tells how much of the details should necessarily be provided in this article and if these details require you too much of words like more than 2500 words then you should try to make it brief between 2000-2500 words or else case you can write only the important stuff that is necessary to be provided in that article and writing useless should be avoided and everything should be to the point no matter the words are more or less.

vi. Using Infographics and Screenshots

Use an appropriate amount of screenshots and infographics on your websites so that it would be much easier for other people to get benefit from your website. As we know that visuals play an important role in better understanding and learning most things and it goes the same way for creating a better impression of your website.

vii. Keep only necessary themes and plugins

In order to keep your website lite weight and keep it more efficient in its working, you must take care of things that you install in your WordPress as they can make your website slower and less efficient if they are installed blindly even if they are not of much use. Try to keep only those themes and plugins that are of use only and not any unnecessary themes and plugins.

viii. Avoid Adding unnecessary videos

If your website is of such type that it doesn’t require the use of a lot of videos then you shouldn’t add too many videos, especially sharing YouTube videos from someone else’s channel. The appropriate amount of videos that you should share in your blog posts or somewhere else on your website should not be more than 2.

ix. Quality content is all that matters

Quality content is all that matters. No matter if it costs you more time still you should focus on making quality content for your website because it is all your website will be known for. Also, Search engines today like Google also look for unique and quality content.

x. Design pages with the right type of content

We often use ready-made themes for our website on WordPress and they are not all the way suitable for the content that we offer on our websites so we should make some changes to our websites, especially regarding the right type of design for the right type of content and for the right page.

The right type of design means adding the right type of widgets, listicles, small slideshows for videos, bigger thumbnails or smaller thumbnails, etc. that best suit your website content especially its homepage should represent which type of website a person is visiting other than getting confused about it.

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2. Best Tricks for WordPress

Following are the best tricks that every WordPress developer should know to perform their tasks in a much better way.

i. Getting premium WordPress themes for free

You can find a lot of premium WordPress themes over the internet for free all you have to do is just do some research and you can get something good for free. But make sure that it can’t affect the normal working of your website. Also, try to make it more unique and attractive but it should totally be related to your niche.

ii. Getting premium WordPress plugins for free

WordPress plugins play an important role in the efficient working of a website on WordPress. But most of them are paid and sometimes they aren’t affordable at all for most people but still, they are necessarily required so that you can get the best out of your website.

You can easily look for these over the internet simply by conducting some research and you’ll be able to find the right stuff for you and that’s for sure.

iii. Backup your WordPress website

An issue that most beginners face is that they forget to make a backup of their website and eventually they may lose their data sometimes. The best thing about WordPress is that it provides you with a lot of functionality and you can do a lot of things with it.

You can create a backup of your whole website along with its content so that you can use it later if something bad happens to your site in the future and you can then import an earlier saved version of your website.

You can find the backup option in your WordPress dashboard and it is highly recommended that if you haven’t done it before you should probably do it now.

iv. Post Title Length

We often make a mistake in not using the appropriate amount of length for our blog post title. Sometimes, we may exceed the limit and sometimes it is too short and both of them are not good options. The length of your title should be no more than 10-12 words.

You may be thinking why is that? So, the answer is pretty simple your title will be properly visible in the search results of any search engine when you write it within 12 words of length only.

If you take it longer then only the same length that I’ve prescribed would be visible and the rest won’t be able to be seen that’s why it is of no use to write an article of length more or less than 10-12 words, as less can also pose a bad impression.

v. Adding similar keywords to your articles

When you are searching for a keyword via keyword research in SEO, then you should also add a few similar keywords that you can use in your article along with your main keyword. As they can help a lot in ranking your website for that article.

It is also helpful for business or e-commerce websites where you can look for similar keywords that are directly related to your product and you can add them to your product description and in the title if it seems appropriate to add there too.

vi. Add focused keywords in the title, introduction, and description

You should add your primary keyword at the beginning of your post title and at the beginning of its introduction and in the description as well. It’ll all help you to rank your product more easily on the first page of the search engine.

Permalinks also play an important role in the better ranking of websites. One can choose to have complex permalinks or they can either make it simple so that it would be easy not only for people but also for a search engine to easily reach it.

So, make your permalinks as simple as they could. For example, instead of this “//techprobe/fnocodb23985/f89kash”, you can make it as “//techprobe/what-are-permalinks”.

viii. Optimize the speed of your website

Optimizing your site speed is the most important factor in ranking as well as for the people to keep coming back to your website. If your website is slow people won’t wait every time for your website to load and they can simply move to another.

The same is the case with search engine policies, as they make policies according to the behavior of the people towards different websites. So for this, you can look for a lightweight theme, and delete any unnecessary themes or plugins that you have installed or any other stuff that you think isn’t important you can take it down.

ix. Add images the right way

While adding an image try not to look for them on google images and avoid plagiarism as they may have a copyright that can bring your site down. You can add images from sites that offer royalty-free images i.e. Pixabay, Shutterstock, etc.

After that when you are adding an image to your post give it an alt tag using the same focused keyword so that it’ll also be able to be found if people are trying to look for it in google images.

The recommended size of an image that you can add to your website is 1200p * 795p. It also looks best on your website at this size.

x. Get an SSL certificate

If you are running an e-commerce type of website or if it has a lot of members that need to log in or register then you should get an SSL certificate as soon as you can. Getting an SSL certificate for your website also helps in the better ranking of your website because it is recommended by search engines like Google, etc.

You can easily learn about it by simply going to Google and searching about it in detail and you’ll know everything that you need to know.

3. Conclusion

As we have discussed in detail about WordPress tips and tricks, they are all the most vital parts of a WordPress website and one should keep all of them into the account. I’ve discussed them all very briefly but you can search about them at Google or Youtube that how can you implement all such things on your website.

These tips and tricks are pretty straightforward forward and all of them need to be implemented on your website if you are already not aware of them all.

Also, let me know in the comment section what do you think about all the stuff that I’ve discussed in this article?

WordPress Tips and Tricks to increase productivity by 110%: Tested
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WordPress Tips and Tricks to increase productivity by 110%: Tested
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